Squash Coaching


Steel City Squash Coaching is led by Adam Turner, a Level 2 Squash coach with experience of coaching children from the age of 5.  As Head Coach of the Squash Team at Nottingham Trent University he coaches high calibre players on a weekly basis and is helping develop some of the top players in the Country. However Adam's passion is to grow skills and a love for the sport in young people who might not otherwise get the chance to participate in Squash. 

The key focus in Adam's coaching to develop a passion and enjoyment for the game in young people.  As squash is a fantastic sport for developing fitness but also has many skills that translate well to other sports. As for example agility, hand eye coordination and spacial awareness. 

Steel City Squash will reflect Adam's squash values with sessions based around building up to game-play while developing their technique and love for the game in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

To help inspire Steel City Squash participants we will hold exhibition matches between Adam and other high profile players and have an aspiration to arrange trips to Professional Squash Association Tournaments to see the best squash players in the world in action.


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