Educational Support

Supporting increased academic attainment: 
In collaboration with Education students from Sheffield Hallam University (who will be mentored by Steel City Squash's Education Advisor) we provide a programme of creative, interactive and engaging activities with a key focus on Fun and Teamwork to encourage the development of positive attitudes, self confidence and social skills.  

Research has clearly demonstrated the close link between children’s mental health and their academic attainment, as well as the negative impact of the pandemic on their social and educational development. The programme is therefore intended to contribute not only to the participants’ emotional well being but also to their success in school.
Group Coloring
Yellow Slime
Teacher and Students in Science Class
Inspirational Workshops: 
Whilst we know that supporting academic development is a priority in terms of helping young people to Dream Big, we recognise that academia is not the only pathway to a successful future.  That is why Steel City Squash is committed to provide young people in our programme with the opportunity to engage regularly with inspirational activities designed to broaden horizons and inspire creativity. 
Partnerships with local organisations will support these workshops and it is hoped that young people from Steel City Squash might identify personal strengths and future development opportunities by participating in them.
Guest Speakers: 
Motivational speakers will be brought to Steel City Squash, from the world of sport, business and the arts to inspire our young people to  - Dream Big!

Nick Matthew 3 x World Squash Champion

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