About Us

Our Mission:

Steel City Squash is a voluntary organisation based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, striving to empower young people to 'Dream Big'.


Our Aim:

Improve the lives and boost the hopes of disadvantaged young people in and around Sheffield by delivering squash, educational support and inspiring activities. We aim to empower participants to raise their attainment, boost their wellbeing and motivate them to achieve their potential.

About Steel City Squash: 


The Steel City Squash programme operates on a half termly basis, with young people brought together in a dynamic environment to learn the sport of squash, receive academic tutoring and undertake activities designed to broaden their horizons. 


A typical half term block of six weeks will include:

  • 6 Squash coaching sessions,

  • 4 Educational Support sessions and

  • 2 Workshops designed to inspire participants to Dream Big.

    • Workshops might include: computer programming, inspirational speakers or creative tasks.

Example Session (all times approximate).

schedule 1.png

We Need Your Support Today!

As a voluntary organisation Steel City Squash relies on fundraising, donations and grants to continue delivering to young people. The link below will take you to our Just Giving page, any donations gratefully received.